How Me'reset 'Linksys WAP2000

Linksys WAP2000 (AP) used in not most schools in Malaysia. Have you ever tried to exchange the AP’s setting? What I may conclude about this AP is ‘Pain In The Ass’. The guidance given in the user manual may be found on the official web page Linksys can not be used to reset the settings to the original refinery / factory default. You may see yourself debates and perbalahan prevailing in the official forum Linksys here . I ever comes about to destroy this AP course, but it is perceived that the royal treasure, my good intentions were canceled 😉.

After berhempas-asleep more or less a month, I inadvertently victorious me’RESET’kan AP uses kaedah HARD RESET and SOFT RESET. So I do not want teamed di’SENGAJA’kan science along with those who still do not find a way to deal with this AP intractability. And for makluman, this has been my way to five AP tests Linsys 2000 and all of which debuted with the very heyday although kaedahnya found a way that was not intentional 😉.

Okey continue the way me’RESET ‘Linksys WAP2000:


1. Recognize RESET button – located on the rear panel adjacent to the ethernet port.

2. Tools required

pin or paper clip or small nails or which are capable of entering the reset hole.

– A friend who has a pair of hands (again crowded again nice).

– Be able to understand and follow the steps that will be taught.

3. STOP suis AP.

3. WASTE power wiring connections / power of the AP. (Also throw them ethernet wiring from AP).

4. START power adapter / power without having to connect before suis hole to power the AP.


5. beak a pin into the reset hole for approximately 15 when (without power wiring connections).

6. DIAL / beak the wiring to power the AP hole without releasing the pressure pin in the reset hole (here the help of a friend needed).

7. WAIT l ampu WLAN flickered quickly, let it shimmer approximately 10 when , then just remove the pin from the reset hole.


8. END step one. Go on to step two. (Let AP lived during the second step implemented).


SOFT RESET (A) – configure the computer

Before soft reset can be done, pc / laptop you are connecting to the AP needs to be set / configure first.

1. Open the Control Panel Network and Internet search, click view network status and tasks. (Windows 7, XP you find yourself ).

2. Click the change adapter settings (top right of the window).

3.Kilk right above your LAN connection. (Wireless should not be used for setting AP, keep that in mind)

4. Double-click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4).

5. Click on use the following IP address and enter these values:

IP Address:

Subnet Mask:

Others leave it blank and click ok.

SOFT RESET (B) – AP reset again

1. RESTART AP . Turn off suis during 10 when and turn it back in.

2. CONNECT AP to pc / laptop using ethernet cable .

3. tungu 2 minutes .

4. beak reset hole with a pin ( this time by the AP of life ).


In more detail:

  • At first light WLAN will be OFF

  • Then the light ETHERNET will be OFF

  • Approximately seminit lamp ETHERNET will be ILLUMINATE / ON back

  • After ETHERNET light ILLUMINATE approximately 10 when , light WLAN will be ILLUMINATE

  • Wait so light WLAN twinkle RATE Your new REMOVE pin of the reset hole

6. HOLD so that the pc / laptop recognize the connection of AP (though a little long, +/- 5 minutes ).

7. OPEN Internet Explorer or Mozilla or ubiquitous browser.


User name: admin

Password: admin

10. DOWNLOAD Linksys WAP2000 user manual here .


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