how do once my Twitter account and Facebookest hack?

how to do once my Twitter account and Facebookest hack ?


Posted by: Aziz Twati Friday, January 17, 2014

What to do when his Twitter account was hacked?

Symptoms: You can not sign in, your account starts alone tweeter or friends receive spam in private message. There are then two possibilities:
1. hackers have changed your password
Clearly, you are locked out and you do not have the keys. Twitter offers a reset password email or phone here (caution must be previously associated with his telephone number there). If nothing works, ask the assistance of Twitter from this form by choosing “my account was hacked.”
2. you can always access your account
Change your password immediately here. Deauthorize all apps using Twitter there, in case one is the weak link.
How to protect your account?
1. Choosing a good password
neither too short nor too simple, in varying digits, lowercase letters, capitals and symbols (and avoiding just add them to the end a boat word, the “fcbarcaloune!” kind). Except that hold a random string, plus the change every 2-3 months, is complicated. Many experts therefore recommend a sentence like “Theo Jai4enfants-Lea + + + ana Selvia”
2 . Add mobile number
This can make it easier to retrieve his account in case of need.
3. Secure password change password
by checking the box by “require personal information to reset my password” to prevent a hacker to do so.
We must especially avoid using the same password for all accounts. Also prohibited are obvious answers to secret questions (like “Martin” for “the name of the young daughter of your mother”). Experts advise to answer a question with a passphrase. Because email is often the hub must be activated, if you use Gmail, two-factor authentication. A code is then sent to your smartphone whenever you -or a hacker- tries to connect to your account from a new device. Facebook also offers this option. It is time that Twitter put it.

How to get my Facebook password?

Facebook Forgot your password? Recover access via SMS or email in a few clicks.
To recover your password, go to
Click “Forgot Password”

Enter the email address with which you registered (e) on Facebook and click search

Your account is identified . Choose to reset your password either by linking your Facebook email account, or by asking Facebook to send you a reset link to your email address. Then click “Continue”.

If your account is not identified

click on the “This is not you? “

If your address is not valid or if you forgot it, you can enter your username or no mobile phone (provided that you have learned about Facebook). Click “Search.”

Select the corresponding account. Facebook offers you to send a reset link on your registration address (valid) or SMS. Acceptance by clicking on “Continue”

You still do not identify your account? Click the link “I can not identify my account.

Answer the questions asked by Facebook, fill out all the fields proposed

then click “Send.” A report will be submitted to Facebook. If your information is valid, Facebook will send you back a reset link via email or mobile.

How to recover his twitter password?

Have an account on twitter
Twitter is a social network that has enabled more than 500 million people to send free short messages. Everyone can have an account on twitter. For security reasons, each account is protected by a password given by the account user. The choice of password is free. It can be simple, complex according to the user. A password for added security must contain letters and numbers.
Password lost or hacked
Sometimes, for one reason or another, you will remember you over your password. This will certainly be a problem as you will not be able to communicate with your contacts but you can not access your important and confidential documents and files. In this case, some people just think to abandon the account and open another. Piracy is also a problem for users of social networks. Every day, thousands of hackers trying somehow to hack into different accounts to take control. These will even change passwords hacked accounts, making access impossible owners of these accounts. In this case, one wonders how to find his lost password or hacked. You will find a solution to this problem on this site.
Retrieving a lost password
With advances in technology, software or a program was created to help you regain your lost passwords different. You can freely download this software on the given site and have additional information via the website Dz mag on different ways to easily retrieve a password that you lost. It is important to remember that this software is used for private purposes and does not allow you to hack the password with a friend or your partner.



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