Earn money on your purchases with iGraal + premium sponsorship! [Full Guide]

We meet today on the blog to introduce a rather interesting website, it s ‘These iGraal. With this, you’ll save money while shopping online, not bad? Let me introduce you, I’m sure you’ll love it!

Introducing iGraal

The concept of iGraal is quite simple, it works on the principle of cashback . Let me explain: when you buy online via iGraal, the merchant, such Boulanger, pays a commission to iGraal then iGraal pays you a small part of this commission. Here’s how you can earn money while shopping!


I use for my part since about 1 year and I already have won nearly $ 100 . I must admit that it goes fast enough casually: 5% here, hence 7 euros for a package, etc. You have no reason not to use iGraal, you will always win anyway!

Now for some advice and web sites and I use it regularly.

Where can -on use

iGraal works on the majority of big e-commerce sites include for example: Darty, Asos, Baker, Rue du commerce, La Redoute, Zalando, etc … You usually earn between 2% and 7% cashback!

Personally, I use it every time I change telecom operator . Indeed, Bouygues offers every time 7.50 EUR when you purchase a package via iGraal, Sosh offers his time aside time to EUR 20 and SFR is 6.50 EUR . If you change the package, like me, every promotion, it can quickly climb to the end of the year!


Finally, I l ‘primarily used as all travel sites . I think it is over it is the more interesting because the purchase amount is often quite high. for example found in partner sites: Booking.com, Vueling, Captain Train, Ouigo, Lastminutes, etc.


For example, if you book a hotel room on Booking.com for a total amount of 500 euros, you will get 20 euros cashback! Pretty cool right? Even if you do not travel often, it’s interesting

How to get your money

To collect your winnings, you have several solutions.? Bank transfer, Amazon gift check or Paypal transfer. A minimum amount of EUR 20 except for the Amazon gift voucher which must be minimum 0.15 EUR .


this is going pretty fast, especially if you go through my referral link if below, it will credit you automatically EUR 10 to your account after your first purchase. It will then remain for you to do some shopping on the internet to reach the threshold of 20 euros.

The payment is then fast enough, it takes less than a month for this to happen on your account ! If there is a concern, the customer service is really responsive to that side.

Sponsorship premium of 10 euros

I contacted before iGraal writing this article to offer a small bonus as my blog reader (thank you to you!). If you go through this referral link , you will gain EUR 10 instead of 3 euros to open your account!

I win my side 5 euros each time a new person signs up! It’s a deal Win / Win . Knowing, then you can sponsor people in your turn.


I hope this presentation iGraal enjoyed it. They exist tens of cashback sites, some even offer much greater sponsorship bonuses but in my iGraal is the most reliable and the best damn! Tested and approved.

If you have questions about this service, please in the comments. I would answer with pleasure!

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