Discovery of Plex Pass, the premium subscription Plex [Full Guide]

Loyal User Plex for several years, I decided to test the premium subscription that provides for Plex benefit from more features. Program: offline synchronization, user management, trailers, etc. But is it really useful? Discover now my opinion on the Plex Pass.


Plex is a totally free service basis. It allows you to simply stream your media to your TV, tablet or smartphone, not so practical! I use it for myself every day to watch my movies and series on my TV from my Macbook Pro.


To retain users and earn some money, Plex decided to release it a few years ago for a premium service with additional features. The latter is sold as a subscription. It takes 4.99 EUR to one month 39.99 EUR to 12 months and 149.99 euros for lifetime subscription .


Once you enter the premium for one or more months, you have access to several features. I will not detail all of them in this article, they are available on this page . I’ll just focus on features that seem to me the most interesting, others are pretty gadgets.

First with this pass, you have the option of store offline movies or series you want to watch. This is pretty useful if for example you do not have a package where DATA Therefore if you want to watch the episode of your favorite series on the subway or the train.

I can well ask directly from my Plex interface synchronization and conversion of my series for it to be readable on my iPhone. We just ask you the quality you want, you can choose at that time between different formats (1080p, 720p, 480p, etc).


The episode will then be automatically available on the device of your choice. I have not found a solution to automate this process but in my opinion, this should be possible.

In the same logic, another feature is available for store online the media of your choice. Today, more storage platforms are supported as Amazon Box Dropbox and Google Drive . I use Dropbox for me mainly because it is where are stored many of my data.

So you can make available to your Dropbox or that of a friend an optimized version of your file. The goal is not to replace the version of the file you have on your Plex server locally but to create a copy.


This can be interesting if you want to do live streaming on a remote computer but you do not have a fiber connection at home. You just have to start the synchronization to a cloud service and then read it from Dropbox or Google Drive.

The last interesting feature for me is Advanced user management . By default, you have the ability to provide access to all your Plex server to designated users.

With the pass, you can restrict the use and say that such a user can not watch the TV series on your server or movies. This is quite handy if you want to give access to friends without any demonstrated.

While the Plex Pass, essential or not?

To be honest with you, the Pass Plex is far from essential. If you are not interested in previous features, it really surprise me that you take a pass for having HD trailers or watch music videos, YouTube there for it.

I think for my part that the current price is quite high . There are still a few years, the lifetime subscription was 50 euros, but it was interesting there for 150 euros, you really have utility! If you simply want to unleash the playback limitation on the iOS app, I recommend widely to take the in-app purchase to 5 euros rather than the Plex subscription.

In summary, if you need to consult episodes off-line or from a cloud service, this subscription is ideal for you. If it does not, you can go your way in my opinion! I am waiting for my share of new features to find a real interest in Plex Pass.

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