Discover Trello, the best tool to get organized!

I was looking for a few months a tool to organize myself and manage my daily projects. I tried the application on iOS Reminders, workbooks in Google Drive … It worked for a while but it always lacked functionality. But that was before attempting Trello. Let’s explore this innovative tool!


Trello is free service which lets you organize your tasks easily in the form of tables and columns (for information, it is strongly inspired by the Kanban method created by Toyota). When you arrive on Trello, you’ll be presented with an empty array. So we have to fill it!


So you have to create lists (things to do on the example above) and tasks (back to the store in the example). This is the basic operation after you are free to use the lists and tasks in the way you want! Trello is a very flexible and adaptable tool.

We can imagine three lists with “to”, “in progress” and “completed” or seven lists with “Monday”, “Tuesday”, “Wednesday”, “Thursday”, “Friday”, “Saturday “, ” Sunday “. This is the way you want and define based on your organization!

Take a concrete example with the table created with my girlfriend for our stay in New York . I decided to work with several thematic lists, there is therefore “preparation”, “event ideas,” “eat” and “shopping to do.”


This table is used mainly for me trip preparation. For example, we use the “event ideas” list to not forget a place to go. This list will then serve us to make our program a few weeks before departure! Let us now more closely to the main features of Trello.


This service is fairly comprehensive and includes many convenient features every day, here are a few:

  • Collaborative Service (ability to create work teams).

  • Interaction on a task (comments, votes, smileys).

  • Agenda (possibility of a deadline to a task, much like unGantt).

  • Attachments (images, videos, etc).

  • Login with third party services (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.).

I enjoy to me enormously collaborative side of the tool. I also used to work with Thomas on iBonplan every day!

Trello Gold

A paid version also exists, it is offered at $ 5 per month or $ 45 per year. It offers a few more features but this is far from daily essential.

the ability to send attachments up to 250 MB instead of 10 MB as standard can be found for example, the possibility of a custom wallpaper on your tables and some stickers and more …


This is nice but is it worth the $ 5 a month … I really ask myself! I began my free month on my side and the only nice side is to have custom funds.


In summary, Trello is a very interesting tool to get organized and be more productive! It is free, without ads, multilingual, collaborative, what more honestly? Oh yes, it is also available on iOS and Android in addition to the web version. You are interested in Trello sign now and see it for yourself!

Thanks Thomas and Matthew for the discovery of this tool.

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