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Want to get rid of all these old publications (comments, messages, photos, words “I love” …) that clutter your Facebook wall ? Excellent idea ! But if you’ve ever tried to do, I think you have faced the same problem as me: it is impossible to delete several publications on your Facebook wall both ! And if in addition it several years you are registered without ever deleted anything, the deleting your old publications can quickly become a nightmare. That is why I propose today to use the extension Facebook Post Manager . It will allow you to drop any publication your Facebook wall in one click ! It interests you ? Then follow the guide 🙂


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What can I do with Facebook Post Manager?

Facebook Post Manager will allow you to delete all your publications wall from the “Personal History” page of your Facebook account. This includes your own publications as well as those of your friends and applications you use. The extension offers several filters (year, month, containing text, text that does not contain) allowing you to select precisely the publications you want deleted. In addition to the suppression of publications Facebook Post Manager can also hide certain publications and ‘dis-loving “ things you liked.

Important: the Facebook Post Manager extension is only available on the browser Chrome . You will need to download and install Chrome before continuing.

Step 1: Install the extension Facebook Post Manager

Go to the Facebook page of the Post Manager extension and click ‘Add to Chrome. “

Confirm the installation of the extension by clicking the button “Add Extension”.


Extension Facebook Post Manager downloads and then automatically installs in Chrome.


Now to the configuration of the extension remove the publications of our Facebook wall .

Step 2: configure and launch Facebook Post Manager

Log into your Facebook account, click the top right arrow in the top menu and select “Personal History”.


The personal history displays all the actions you have done on Facebook since creating your account. If you’ve never done cleaning, you’ll be surprised how Facebook keeps a record of everything you do …


You can filter your personal history through the filters of the left column. For example, you can view only your own publications by selecting “Your publications”. You can also view only your entries I like by selecting “Legal likes” and so on.


If your goal is drop any publication your Facebook wall , select the filter “personal history.”

After selecting a filter, click the icon Facebook Post Manager to the right of the search bar of Google Chrome.


The configuration window of the extension opens.


Zone 1 lets you create filters to target the publications you want to delete, hide or un-love:

  • Year: year of publication

  • Month: month of publication

  • Text Contains: publications text

  • Text Not Countais: publications not text

To remove all 2016 publications , choose the 2016 “Year” field and leave all other fields blank.

Leave the “Prescan Page is” checked. The pre-scan will allow you to check the publications that will be deleted and deselect the ones you want to keep. If you are sure of what you do and you want your Facebook wall is totally blank, uncheck the “Prescan on Page” (small advantage: it will save you a lot of time The pre-scan is sometimes very long ..)

In zone 2, click the “Delete Posts” button (or “Hide / Unhide” to hide / show or “Unlike” to dis-like it all depends on what you want to do) to start the pre-scan your personal history research publications match the filters you selected (Year, Month, Text and Text Contains Not Contains).

Confirm by clicking OK. Nothing will be deleted at the moment, this is just a pre-scan (unless you uncheck the “Prescan on Page” of course).


The extension then research publications. This may take some time, depending on the number of publications you have. “Scanning” must appear at the top of the page. If nothing happens, reload the page and try Facebook Post Manager .


Once the scan is complete, you will have a check box in front of each publication that will be removed, hidden or un-loved. If you do not want a publication is deleted, hidden or un-loved, uncheck the box in front of it.


After checking the publications that were to be removed, click the “Confirm to delete” button and click “Confirm”.


From now on, not touch anything on the Facebook page ! not click on any link and do not scroll the page , this may generate errors and create irreversible problems!

The suppression of publications may take a long time (really many, many, many), depending on the number of publications you have. I advise you to leave quietly extension do its job. Take the opportunity to do something else than being on Facebook 😀


Once finished, Facebook Post Manager inform you of the number of publications that have been deleted. In the screenshot below, 5 publications have been removed.


We still true: we recharge “Personal History” page. Our publications have been erased! You can go on your Facebook wall, everything should be gone 😉



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