Create backlinks: 5 easy and natural ways

Or create backlinks (back links) to your website

You certainly know that creating links back to your blog is very important. The more have links pointing to your website the better it will be positioned in google and you going to make money with your blog.

création backlinks pour blog

Write relevant comments on blogs of your colleagues

You write articles regularly on your blog, but traffic is not at the rendezvous. How to build SEO by posting comments on blogs of your colleagues?

This is easy and natural way to get traffic ultra targeted to your site, but also to get backlinks for your blog. If you post comments on other blogs regularly natural traffic will also increase your site.

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Want to learn step by step how I managed to generate more than 1 million visitors to my sites in 2015

Generally blogger who owns the blog does not really appreciate the short comments because he will realize that you are there only to get backlinks for your site . I advise you to make a difference and give a higher value to your comments. What you win by posting the he quality of comments?

First, the blogger will notice you fairly quickly and see the difference you make on his blog.

You will have great chance to have a proposal a guest article on his blog . And if his blog is a popular blog, and receives many visits per month , imagine the traffic you can get a blog if you write one or more articles on his blog.

You can create a partnership with him to write a guest article per month on his blog, and he too will do the same on your blog. It is a method win-win which works very well in the world of blogging.

So you can receive ultra targeted traffic for months and often for years, and free of charge.

Create backlinks forums

Indeed forums are one of the best ways and easiest to create backlinks to your blog and also have targeted visits to your blog. How to create backlinks?

You will already begin to register on forums that are related to the theme of your blog. You go to Google and you type Forum and the theme of your blog.

Then you choose the best forum on the first page of Google, you must know that it is the busiest forums fate as the first page.

You register in 5 or 7 forums and you will describe your activity in the details of your most accurately profile. In the signature you put link to your site with a small description of your business.

I advise you to create a squeeze page on your blog and insert a link in the signature to your squeeze page. Ideally this squeeze page must contain a video in which you are going to get people to sign up, and in part against you offer them a free gift.

It can be a series of videos, e-book, a free guide, a podcast , whatever. The most important is that your gift should be of impeccable value. This is a very good way to build his list of prospects.

créer des liens seo

However, each time you post a topic or reply to a question from another member of the forum, you will link to your site , the link will appear in your signature below your message.

The faster you put all these winning strategies in place in your business on the internet, the faster you will make money with your blog, which means that you will become your own boss without having to give explanations to that whatsoever.

Create easy links on Youtube

The third way is to find videos related to your theme on YouTube English and bring them to your readers in French. But beware, I advise you to first contact the author of the video to ask him if he agrees that you are translating the video for a French audience.

Find videos which are much looked and shared on YouTube and social networks, and you are going to develop quality traffic to your blog.

The goal is to, whenever you make a video for your blog, by posting on YouTube you put a link at the beginning of the description your video to your blog. Ideally it would be to link to Article in question from your blog.

From time to time you can create videos in which you give advise related to your theme. The second way to create videos is to make PowerPoint kinds of videos in which you will create tutorials for your audience. Believe me, they will be delighted to have free information they need from you.

Write articles guests on other blogs

If you weave good relationships with some bloggers, you can regularly write articles guests on blogs that have a hearing more important than your blog , and get visitors quality.

At the same time you can create backlinks and anchored quality links that point to your blog. And your blog will start to climb in Google and you’ll also have more visits from Google, said “natural traffic.”

If you are new to your blog, it is a very quick way to create r a community around your blog. You will also detonate enrollments your message board , allowing you to create and sell your first product.

Create backlinks – back links Yahoo Q

You can regularly answer questions on Yahoo Answers questions by proceeding in the same way as in the forums. You’ll have to register or sign in with your Google account if you have one.

On Yahoo like in forums, I recommend early not to abuse with links.

Start gradually so as not to punish you and turn Yahoo or forums. Better build links slowly that spread a bad image through the web. They say we have only one chance to leave a good image on the Internet.

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