Create and verify a Paypal account in 5 minutes

Paypal is a paying free online, reliable and secure. which allows to pay for purchases, receive payments, or to send and receive money enligne easily and safely.

The benefits and services that offers Paypal:

  • Paypal probably the number 1 payment services enligne

  • .

  • PayPal is available in France, Belgium, Switzerland and worldwide.

  • The opening of Paypal free account is no annual fee.

  • PayPal is a payment stream as it currently exists 180 million accounts . It is used in 203 countries worldwide.

  • PayPal is a very secure method of payment “It encrypts and protects your bank details and never communicate them to the recipient of your payments.”

  • With Paypal account you can get payments better websites freelance as Free-lancer, Fiverr, Amazon and so on

  • With Paypal you can buy or sell all what you want enligne easily and safely.

How can I create my PayPal account?
It’s very easy! just click here and
Click “Open Account.”

Select your account “Personal” and confirm.

Fill in the appropriate fields: Your town, email address and password


Put your true information: Name, address and telephone number, confirm your age and click continue


You will receive a PayPal confirmation message in your mailbox, click on “Click here to confirm your account.”

Congratulations Your Paypal account has been created!

How to check / activate my PayPal account?

To check your PayPal account just click “link map” as you see in the image.

Add your credit card number “Visa or MasterCard” international your Paypal account . This process will add an amount of the verification, between $ 1 and $ 3 on your card. If you do not have sufficient funds on your card to cover the cost of the transaction will fail verification.

Important Note : If you have not an international banking card check your Paypal account Create your Payoneer account and get your valid Free MasterCard to activate PayPal with $ 25 bonus.

Click continue and wait 3 to 7 days and then have a record to your bank to find “the Expuse Code” Paypal (it is a 4 digit number).

Click to check the map and enter the confirmation code (4 digits), and then click to confirm the card.

Your PayPal account is finally checked! Now you can buy all you want enligne, send and receive money instantly around the world and safely.

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