Check availability of a username with Namechk [Full Guide]

If you currently are about to launch a project or when you need a new username, j ‘ I recently found a very handy website. It allows you to check and checker in seconds domain names and major services on the web. Let’s find out together!

The operation of Namechk is very simple. To begin, simply enter a name, this can be one of your future business, a secret project or your new stage name. I leave you the choice!

Then the service will take care to check the availability of the name on the web. Namechk initially starts checking the domain names under different extensions: .com, .net, .co, .io, etc. Too bad, the .com is not yet supported …


This allows you to view at a glance the domain names available for reservation or sale.

Namechk then goes to best known websites : Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc. I find it super convenient because it avoids you to leave a name and then get it taken account Twitter or Facebook. The list of supported sites is impressive, with more being added regularly.


Finally, you can export all in .CSV to rework it if necessary. Of course, I did not say but everything is free ! You can do as many tests as you like.

I used this website to identify the sites where I was not registered. This allows me to anticipate well and avoid getting bitten my preferred username. It’s simple, but I suggest you do the same!

I’m not longer for me, it was more a quick little article to tell you about a nice service put in favorites . If this kind of article interests you, please tell me in the comments or on Twitter.

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