CAD exchange Tokens on Kraken against Bitcoin: CAD / XBT

In this tutorial we will try to show you step by step how to exchange your DAO Tokens in the Bitcoin exchange platform Kraken .

Before starting this tutorial, you must have DAO Token in exchange for Bitcoin. Otherwise, you should go on Kraken and drop Bitcoins or euro / dollar etc … to have (we’ll talk about how you have DAO Tokens thereafter).

Suppose, you have CAD Tokens. Ie, you have to send some Ether Ethereum DAO portfolio’s address is: 0xbb9bc244d798123fde783fcc1c72d3bb8c189413

. Note: Do not send more ether at this address because the project has closed obtaining DAO Tokens and the number of Tokens is now set to 1172780000 DAO DAO Token and any other Token will be generated for the moment. Be careful!.

back to our tutorial. As we said all the time, since you have sent ethers DAO address in the generation period of the DAO Tokens, you, a priori, have some DAO Tokens and want to exchange them now or later in Bitcoin or Ether or another.

the first thing to do is to retrieve the private key of the address you used to obtain the DAO Tokens and import it into a portfolio that supports sending and receiving DAO Tokens. For now there are two portfolios Ethereum that support these transactions are: Mist (Hardware Wallet) and MyEtherWallet (Online Wallet: Website and extension for browsers .)
in this tutorial we will use extending MyEtherWallet our browser Chromium / Chrome
. PS: for those who have used the portfolio Jaxx wallet to obtaining DAO Tokens, simply prepare your private key addresses that you used in CAD and follow the rest of the tutorial

1st stage:.

Open Ethereum our portfolio and select “the DAO” (number 1) and select the portfolio used in CAD (number 2).
For those who have used at Jaxx wallet obtaining DAO, you import your portfolio in MyEtherWallet using the private key of the address Ethereum used in CAD. Once the address is imported, all your funds and your Ethereum Tokens will be visible on MyEtherWallet .

Step 2:

After the portfolio selection that contains the tokens, you have a new menu in which you choose “Send CAD Tokens”, a field in which you Ethereum write the address that will receive your Tokens, another field “amount to send” that is, the amount of DAO Tokens and send a final fields “Gas” ie shipping charges.
at the other side we find the portfolio and address its capital ether and Euro / USD / BTC

. note: note that to send DAO tokens, we must at least have the shipping costs (Gas), ie having a fraction of Ethereum our portfolio to finalize the transaction.

Step 3:

After the introduction of the address Ethereum will receive CAD Tokens, the number of tokens to send CAD and Gas. We click on “Generate Transaction and click” Send Transaction. “
A warning message will appear and we must confirm or cancel the transaction. Obviously, since we want to send our DAO Tokens, you must click” Yes, I ‘m sure! Make transaction “which translates: Yes, I’m sure Finish the transaction
In the end, we will have the hash of the transaction

NB:.. Address reception in this tutorial was recovered at the site of Kraken in the “Funding” section and the “DAO” tab.
Obviously, you can send and receive DAO Tokens between those with portfolios Ethereum.

Step 4 (Optional):

To see what has happened, we take the hash of the transaction and we will look for the block of the transaction in the Explorer Ethereum. For example, it will look for the block transaction on exploring: Etherscan as

Step 5:

Back Kraken , and after sending the Tokens. We note that besides the address he has the phrase “Used Address” ie we received tokens on this address generated by Kraken. We must wait a while until at least 30 confirmations of Ethereum network to see our DAO Tokens sent to Kraken

. Note: Generation of a new DAO DAO address 1 Token deducted from the amount sent to the address generated by Kraken and the minimum deposit is 1 DAO Token. Ie, the minimum sending Token DAO DAO is 2 Tokens. Also, we didnt limit of deposit and withdrawal when exchanging CAD Tokens against Bitcoin.

Step 6:

In Kraken, choose the pair CAD / XBT, ie exchange our DAO Tokens against Bitcoin. And select “Sell” to sell our DAO Tokens or “Buy” if one has Bitcoin on Kraken and seeking to have CAD Tokens.
In this tutorial, we will sell our DAO Token, so we will choose ” sell. “

Also, it should be noted qu’près the introduction of the number of DAO Token for sale, you will find two options:” market “means the market price being on Kraken and” Limit “which means not selling our DAO Token if the bid is less than the amount of unitary Bitcoin introduced.
This is for you to choose the option that suits you but we must warn you that if you choose “Limit” your bid will be placed in “Open Orders” which means your offer will be in suite until the Kraken system detects an adequate supply to your sales proposition.
if “Open Oder “you can always cancel the proposed sale at any time

in this tutorial, we will choose the option.” Market “and click on the” Sell DAO for XBT “which means: Sell DAO against Bitcoin.

It confirms the sale:

Step 7:

The sale was well and we got our Bitcoin in the section of “Closed Orders”. Otherwise, we try our offer to sell in the section of “Open Orders” if the sale was not concluded.

Here, the exchange was completed our DAO Tokens against Bitcoin and one has only to withdraw our Bitcoin our Kraken account or return to a future exchange against the proposed peer exchange on the platform of Kraken.

If you have any questions or if you need assistance feel free to leave your comment.

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