Buy Raspberry Pi or a seemingly faster alternative? [Exclusive Guide]

The hacker boards or rather SBC up like mushrooms. The Raspberry Pi has triggered an unprecedented craft boom and of course other a piece of the want. Advertise with better prices, faster hardware and smaller form factor. As arises when making a purchase, of course the question of the SBC (Single Board Computer) You should buy you.

This post reflects to some research and try my own opinion contrary. In addition, it is aimed at people for whom the issue is rather new territory.

There is so much choice – SBC as far as the eye

Initially, the Raspberry Pi was quite alone. It was a very cheap single board computer, which actually revolutionized the IT world. That should say that. Suddenly hobbyists had access to a cheap, complete computer. If you have these sent through clumsiness or mishap in the digital hunting grounds, that was annoying, but set no few hundred euros in the sand.

In addition, people can use it to operate low own cloud in-house. Whether the Next Cloud, ownCloud or seafile is now to be seen. The devices do not need a lot of power and with the new generations, they are fast enough to handle the traffic of a few users can.

The next advantage is that people are actively engaged with Linux. For the Raspberry Pi there is a Debian based GNU / Linux distribution, which is called Raspbian . It is fully supported and is tailored to the Raspberry Pi.

Meanwhile, there are so many options and there are seemingly more every day. One of the latest examples is the NanoPi NEO of A quad-core SBC for only $ 8. OK, the device has only 256 MB of RAM. The 512MB version will cost a whopping two dollars more. In addition, the NanoPi NEO has no connection for a screen for an Ethernet port. Is just an IoT device (Internet of Things / IoT). At the heart is a Allwinner H3. The device is faster from a hardware perspective and smaller than the Raspberry Pi Zero.

NanoPi NEO (Quelle:

NanoPi NEO (Source:

The problem with the hardware – driver

On paper, look at the alternatives great. Faster, cheaper, smaller, and so on. However, this is only one side of the coin. The other is support or more precisely Linux or driver support.

I had to learn that with my PINE A64. Clear sees the device at first glance, better off and the developers have also Linux support promised . That is true also – somehow makes it already, but not as really about . The biggest problem here is the driver for the graphics card. Added to this is that benchmarks have showed that the Raspberry Pi 3 may well compete with the PINE A64. Thus, the advantage of PINE A64 is actually outweigh only the price and one has to be against the poorer support.

In the aforementioned Allwinner H3 there is a similar problem. There is an image with Linux kernel 3.4 and I’ve read that at Mainline support in terms of Armbian and Linux 4.7 / 4.8 working. However, support is experimental and there are no images, and so on.

The Raspberry Pi, however, is fully supported. All hardware is Out of the Box with Raspbian. Perhaps various components are slower on the paper. But Faster hardware brings me only slightly, if it works well.

Since the small disappointment with the A64 PINE I spend the night with new announcements very on the hardware. I used to let myself in and hide, I must admit. paperboard Simple fast components on a board and argue that it is faster than a Raspberry Pi is kind of pointless.

The installation of the operating system – Raspberry Pi is easiest

The Raspberry Pi Foundation is unprecedented with instructions , documentation and so on. Thanks NOOBS, anyone can Raspbian very very easy to install on a Raspberry Pi. But that’s not all. Via NOOBS also can be Ubuntu MATE, Snappy Ubuntu Core, LibreELEC, OSMC or even Windows 10 IoT Core very easy to install. You just have to click on what operating systems you want to install in principle. You can even more than a run simultaneously on a storage medium and boot as desired.

Installation via NOOBS (eine ältere Version) - Raspberry Pi mit großem Vorteil

Installation via NOOBS (an older version) – Raspberry Pi to great advantage

For other devices, the installation is more complicated. OK, so difficult it is not, but it is not quite so simple.

Who goes carefully the IT world, will find again and again that it for the Raspberry Pi officially supported there often images or music.

Seafile mit spezieller Version für Raspberry Pi

seafile with special server version for Raspberry Pi

Of course, there is often other hardware on the list of supported devices. But the Pi family guarantees and usually among the first. The upcoming version of LibreELEC with Kodi 17 Alpha ? Already since …

LibreELEC 8 Alpha startet auf einem Raspberry Pi

LibreELEC 8 Alpha starts on a Raspberry Pi

Support, Forums and Community

Are you coming for the first time with the issue of SBC and Raspberry Pi into contact, then the Raspi has by far the largest community. There is hardly a problem that no one had before you already. Of course, these problems are discussed in forums spread around the globe and also dissolved. Often the abuses can be transferred to other SBCs, but it takes usually some experience.

Looking. By a step-by-step instructions, troubleshooting and so on, then you most likely will find something for the Raspberry Pi With my somewhat crude water sensor I was able to find in various forums. The still works and is still in use. My SpyFan is currently being converted. Actually something completely different is it. From a Raspberry Pi A + and a NOL camera module to be built a WildCam. An A + therefore, because of this on needs least power to be and the cam running on battery. If this works, as I imagine it, I write more later.

I buy for the time being only Raspberry Pi

A64 PINE I’ve had me more annoyed than joy. My Raspberry Pi 2 is slower, that’s right. But it all works. Whether the MicroSD card with Kodi 16 now, Ubuntu MATE 16:04 or other experiments. I reach truly prefer to Pi, because I so less needs to annoy me and I quickly in an emergency get help (something you just read can).

In the meantime, developers have the Raspberry Pi 3 WLAN / Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and even donated these things work without further user intervention. An immense advantage for beginners who want to purchase the device easy to install / boot an operating system and then perform simple uncomplicated first steps. So a bit rumklicke and experiment.

Mir’s future not really care what other manufacturers claim from their devices and what is supported. Perhaps that is so. Only I know the Raspberry Pi that it works quite sure. I will continue to pursue new releases from other manufacturers with interest, but only follow and tend not to buy. Never change a running system!

P.S. It might not be long until Google provides official Android support for the Raspberry Pi 3

Cute Pi constellation


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