AluBase, an elegant holder for your Mac

There are a few months I started to reorganize my work space to make it more convenient and productive.

I first invested in an external display 24 “(the test will come soon on the blog). My MacBook Retina So just plug directly on the screen. I had the possibility to keep it open MacBook and enjoy a dual screen or close it and thus turn it into a desktop computer.

I chose the second option. I do not need every day a double screen and I find it a bit cumbersome. I was looking for an elegant solution that allows me to put my MacBook. I first asked my Mac closed on the desktop but tends to put things above, not top for ventilation. So I turned to the dock AluBase Just Mobile brand.


This is a dock that is built entirely of aluminum with a quality finish . It has two “shoes” to accommodate a classic MacBook Pro or MacBook Pro Retina. This is useful because if you change machine, there is no need to change dock. However, it is not compatible with the MacBook Air.



En Below, there is a non-slip pad ensures a good grip on the desktop. He does not move a centimeter. I was a little scared too about scratches on the aluminum hull strength to remove and replace the MacBook but no, nothing. Well designed so.

Thus, in vertical position, it takes very little space on my desk and allows heat to better dissipate from the horizontal position.


This really fits well in my work environment and knows how to be discreet.


If you are looking for a dock to put your MacBook closed mode, AluBase this is definitely for you. It is available for less than 50 euros in Amazon .

Questions about this dock? Use the comments below.

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