8 FireFox extensions for your WordPress website

At a time when the term of productivity is the slogan of our company, speed and efficiency have become real priorities. To this end, the browser extensions continue to multiply in order to allow you to optimize your time.

It is in this light that we wanted to introduce you to the best Firefox extensions your WordPress website .



Firebug is a web development extension especially convenient. The latter offers the user a number of possibilities. In possession of the latter, you can inspect the HTML of your page, edit your stylesheets, analyze the performance of your site … all in a few clicks!

Also note that the tool is with a JavaScript debugger more advanced. “Yes, fine, but how do we operate? “. Simply go to your website and choose “Inspect with Firebug.” See, easy!


WordPress.com Extension

Tired of logging in to your Back Office to learn about your notifications? In these cases, you’ll enjoy this plugin! Why ? Because once installed, all of your alerts will arrive instantly in your browser. No need to be connected to your WordPress to find out what happens.

The extension presented above also gives you the ability to track other WordPress news site. Think of it as the kinds of Favorites, the new you will be notified directly on the browser. However, note that the sites in question must have an RSS Feed .

Wordpress.com Extension

WordPress.com Sidebar

log in the back office of his WordPress website several times a day can quickly lose precious time; time we would have used for something else!

WordPress.com Sidebar is a very small plugin, but extremely convenient. This aims to simplify and speed up the connection process. Once installed, simply click on the icon to access your account.


WordPress Theme and Plugin Detector

Remember this day when you fell on a WordPress site with a beautiful theme and / or functionality that managed to instill in you the admiration, or even the jealousy … It is up to you? Very good. In these cases, you must surely remember that frustration; sentiment arising from the fact that you have not managed to get hold of these elements in question!

Forget this bad memory and return without waiting for the site concerned, because this extension detects plugins and themes any WordPress site. You can easily install components on your CMS, and this, without having to look infinitely their behalf.


WordPress Developers Shortcuts

Save time = money gain. But that, you know. This is also the purpose of this plugin. This extension, especially for developers, team its shortcuts users of all kinds.

Access Find your other plugins, your themes, your source code … convenient!


Check WordPress version

You’re browsing the web. Suddenly you come across a site that attracts your attention. You get to ask you if there is a WordPress site. Fine, but how do we know? To do this, simply be equipped with WordPress plugin Version Check. If there is indeed a WordPress plugin will tell you.

The extension also lets you know which version is running. “Okay, but what use to know this information?”. If you are currently analyzing the competition, it may be interesting for you to know whether the CMS has been recently updated or not . If it is an older version, you can assume that the site in question is no longer active!


WPinline Screenshots for WordPress

Like many developers and webmasters, it may be that you were working on your WordPress in collaboration with other professionals. “More the merrier, the merrier”. It should not always rely on the sayings. For develop a multi-website can quickly prove to be a very complicated task! So, how to simplify this collaboration? To this end, we recommend installing the WP extension. Inline Screenshots for WordPress

The latter makes it possible for persons authorized to leave comments directly on the Front End. Select the area you wish to comment and leave your message. The plugin also send you interesting information you have access to a summary of the session, a follow-up navigation and a system report, allowing you to solve problems faster

WPinline [

WordPress Codex

who has never visited the WordPress Codex hoping one day be able to customize their search to quickly find the desired information. You are part of? In these cases, you’ll be delighted to discover this plugin!

This extension provides access to a specific search bar to the WordPress Codex . You can tailor your search to your needs, and access the desired data in a jiffy. “How it works ?”. Nothing complicated in reality. The plugin simply uses the internal search engine of the site.


And you tell us what are your favorite Firefox plugins?

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