7 tips to best use your LG G4 [Full Guide]


The last high-end LG, the G4 incorporates a software interface house offering a somewhat different experience Android Android Stock. Here are our tips for the most of your LG G4 .

LG G4c (10 sur 13)

LG incorporates overlay software house in all its terminals. Dubbed LG UX, which offers an experience of Android a little different and features its own. We chose to introduce you to some small tricks to better your LG phone by building on the LG G4, equipped with the latest LG UX.



Lock your phone with Knock Code


To lock your phone, different solutions are available: the unlock pattern, PIN or password. LG has taken care to develop a function that is already on the G3, the lock with a code Knock. In fact, it resembles the classic Double Tap that can wake up the phone, but with a combination of steps. After the fall combination, the phone unlocks. Big advantage, it is not necessary to remove the standby smartphone to type the code.






firing the flash when an incoming call or notification


Despite the presence of a notification LED on the LG G4, it may be interesting to have the flash that is triggered to alert the user of the arrival of a notification or a call. To do this, management accessibility settings of the mobile then Mode sound reproduction . Finally turn the Get Flash .






Change the touch keys


On the LG G4, the home button, back and are fully multitasking software. This allows for a front face completely blank buttons. The manufacturer allows the user to reorganize itself the touch buttons, convenient to add directly Qslide button or double-window mode. Another nice option, it is possible to move the bottom of the touch keys in white or black. It can also hide the touch keys on some applications. A simple finger swipe up the screen will reappear buttons.






Start the camera and the application when your phone is locked


Small handy feature, it is possible to open the camera thanks to the high volume button even when the phone is unlocked, or the application of note taking with the volume key less. To activate the option, go to the phone settings and General and Shortcut .






Change the icon of an application on the desktop


LG authorized customization icons arranged on the desktop by the user. To change the icon of an application, a simple long press on the icon displays a small brush. Once you have clicked on it, you simply select the one you want. Unfortunately, it will be necessary to put icons on the internal memory of your phone, and icon packs on the Play Store are not compatible.






Disable Smart Bulletin


The smart Bulletin is a component arranged everything left on the desktop of your LG G4. It displays your daily events, and can control your music and direct access to the remote application. If you find this unnecessary part, know that it is possible to disable the Smart Bulletin. To do this, a simple turn in settings and in the screen then click Home Screen and disable the option Smart Bulletin .





Taking pictures in RAW


You may well satisfy you in the photo application, take your photos in automatic mode and keep them as is. However, you are entirely possible to play accessible manual modes easily, as long as you know where they are. See you in the app picture, then click the three dots at the top left of your screen (in landscape mode): you can choose the “Simple” mode, “Basic” or “Manual”. This is of course the latter that interests us, since it allows to set the aperture, exposure, etc., and thus make more personal photographs. On the left column of the screen, an icon displays the capture format. It is adjusted automatically to JPG but, by clicking on it, you can choose a recording JPG and RAW. Handy if you ever want to later go through extensive changes via third party applications, such as through Lightroom.




This article is not intended to be exhaustive. If you have other tricks to make the best use your LG G4, please let us know in the comments!






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