5 Epic Ways to Get More Traffic to Blog/Website

5 Epic Ways to Get More Traffic to Blog/Website – Blogger Addict

As all of us know we have many Newbie Bloggers who don’t know about SEO and also don’t know how they rank their Blog/Website at the Top of Google Search result. So we love to explain the 5 Epic Ways to get More Traffic to Blog/Website that definitely work and increase your Blog/Website Traffic and we know that all our Visitors Traffic means “Money”. So, here we reveal the Top 5 Epic ways to get more Traffic to Blog/Website that can help you to improve your Off Page SEO.

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1. Yahoo Answers:

Yahoo answers is basically a Platform where Individual Ask any Questions that can be answered by Many Individual peoples. It is Owned by Yahoo and also called YAHOO Q & A. Yahoo Answers can help million of People via Comments and References, So YAHOO ANSWERS is one of the best place to divert traffic on your Blog/Website. This is our first recommended Tips because it can also help you to Indexed your Web pages in Yahoo Search Engine.

Yahoo Bing

You know that Yahoo Answers have daily millions of Visitor and Daily New Q/A will updated. So whatever your Blog/Website niche and search on similar topic in Yahoo Answers and give suitable solutions in your answers and also give your Blog/Website link where User can get the answer of his Problem.

2. YouTube Videos:

YouTube is the Best Video Sharing Site and have Billions of Views as Per day Basis. YouTube has #3 Alexa Rank means third most Viewed website in the World. So, now straight up to our Topic. Create a Youtube channel and post Videos on whatever you write in your post and create a link to your post. When a User Watch your Videos, obviously they can also check your Blog/Website as well as and Redirected to your Blog/Website. This can also make a SEO Benifit to get Traffic from the Most influenced Websites.

3. Facebook:

Facebook is the Best way to connect peoples on the Internet and World’s number-1 Social networking Websites. Facebook plays a very important Role in SEO because many of popular Websites get a Referral Traffic from Social Media giant Facebook. It is the greatest platform to drive Traffic to Websites and other Social media. In SEO it is also a first recommended Social media to promote your Blog/Website via Facebook Ads, Facebook Pages, and through other ways. Now what we suggest is, just post regularly on your Facebook Page and Interact with your Fans and Solve their Problems.

Secrets of Facebook Marketing

4. Commenting On Other Websites And Blogs:

Commenting on other’s Blogs and Websites is the most used and Epic method to get Traffic to your Blog/Website. It can improve your Search Engine Performance because of Google Juice. Don’t worry about no-follow Backlinks, just leave useful Comments on High Quality Blog/Websites or comment on Blog/websites having more Traffic.

Note: Do not Comment to get only Traffic and Insert your URL, but just leave a suitable Comment that is usefull for the Readers. Your Comments should have Value to Someone.

5. Forum Comment:

Comment on popular forum are very Elite way to get Do-Follow Back link as well as Traffic. Because it has free registration and allow you to comment in Forum’s Post according to your Answer Score. There are many popular Forums like Digital Forum, Black Hat World, and more. So search topic in forum that is similar to your blog/website niche and comment in forum and get more Traffic to your Blog/Website.

Dear readers, many of successful Bloggers/Website holder use their Own methods for SEO and get Traffic on their Blogs/Websites. Here we discussed about the Traffic, and the Top 5 best Tips for SEO. We think the tips is Simple and Easy and you can apply it to your Blog/Websites to Drive a Massive Traffic to your Blogs/Websites. If you at least try above 5 killer SEO Tips to get more Traffic to Blogs/Websites, definitely you can see improvement in your Blogs/Websites.

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