12 Ways To Get More Sponsored Posts [Quick Guide]


Getting more sponsored posts is every blogger’s goal but it can be a huge task. Especially if you’re a new blogger and your traffic needs a little work. They (IDK who they is, but I do know that #they don’t want you to win) will tell you that having good numbers is golden and it’s a major key to monetizing your blog. While this is very true, you shouldn’t wait until your numbers are skyrocketing to monetize your blog. High numbers help, but it’s like the difference between driving a luxury car versus an American car or…walking! And at this point, at least you are not walking. So for now, focus on what you do have and be clear on how you can convert that into dollars!

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Although I’ve only been a full-time blogger for a little less than a year, I’ve been monetizing my blog since my second year. I know, How Sway? I focused (and still do) on creating stellar content. I hate to tell you but no ones coming to your blog, let alone paying you to write about something because you’re boring! Your content mirrors every other post brands read on the Internet.

Focus on your why. Ask yourself, “why am I blogging”? If you stay true to your why, I promise you, brands will come.

NOW, you can pitch yourself and an idea directly to the brand that you are interested in working with but that’s not really my thing. I’ll write a post on why one day. But until the brands come, your best bet is to play nice with the blogging networks. Brands genuinely have big projects which require big blogging numbers. Blogging networks promise results by grouping our blog numbers together.

For most of them, you have the option to apply to the projects you’re interested in so you’ll never have to post about something you don’t want to.

Collectively is good for beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogs. There’s not as many opportunities available so don’t count on this as rent money. I may have done 5 or 6 campaigns in the year that I’ve been with them.

I’m actually a bit frustrated with Social Fabric. I applied and got in, but months later I’m still waiting to receive their plugin code that I have to install before I can apply for anything–although I get personal emails asking to apply to their projects. UGH.

I can’t vouch for RewardStyle because I’ve only used it for affiliate links, not for sponsored posts. But I think if you’re a Chicago blogger it’s a great start. I’ve heard that they do sponsored posts also. You also have to be a member of RewardStyle and have their analytics installed on your blog to be considered.

If you can manage to get an invite (I have not) to the Lifestyle Collective, consider yourself #Winning. They usually have big huge campaigns from some of the top brands around the world and they pay extremely well. Think 4 and 5 digits! This is also not one that offers tons of opportunities. I’ve heard!

Clever Girls usually offers projects based around lifestyle products. The pay is decent and it’s a quick turn around. You do have to have a certain number of uniques to apply, I think 10K per month.

You can sign up here, and bloggers are selected for campaigns based on their traffic, social following and content quality.

I randomly got an email from Social Stars a few months ago. The projects are good and they pay fast and directly to your PayPal.

I’m adding this to the list because I just got an email from them. But I’ve never worked for them. You do have to have a minimum of 20,000 page views per month, have been blogging for 6 months or more, blog 3 or more times per week and you must live in the United States. Join at your own risk here.

Also just sent me an email out of the blue so I cannot vouch for them. You can try your luck here.

I found out about Tapfluence from a brand that personally requested me. What I love the most about this network is that you can negotiate your rates for each campaign. The client who is responsible for the campaign can accept or decline your counter offer. #GetYourCoins

I’ve never used BlogHer because they are exclusive and they don’t want you working with Mode. But I know a lot of my bloggers friends have who have left Mode for BlogHer and say they get more campaigns and they pay quicker.

Mode was the first network I ever used, so I am super loyal to them (they’ve been paying my rent for a while now). They’ve brought me the most campaigns and I’ve just been asked to do more posts and videos. They pay on 190 days (GURL) but if you sign up for Fast Pay you can get your money in 30 days for a 5% fee.

These are just a few that I’ve personally worked with or heard of. Free feel to comment below and share any networks that I didn’t include! Also if you learned something make sure you tweet this post and share with your friends!


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